Revised: “Scleroderma News” Follow-Up Interview About Recent ACR Research Poster on TPE to Treat Raynaud’s and Digital Ulcers

(Note: the link to the article in Scleroderma News in the earlier version of this post did not work correctly in some browsers.  More information on how to locate the article is included in this revised post.)

Scleroderma News just released a follow-up interview with me on the research poster “Therapeutic Plasma Exchange for the Treatment of Raynaud’s and Digital Ulcers in Systemic Sclerosis: A Systematic Review” that I presented a few weeks ago at the American College of Rheumatology annual meeting in Washington DC. If you are interested in the topic of TPE, you might find this an interesting article to read.

Here is the link: enefits-raynauds-and-digital-ulcers-in-systemic-sclerosis+

If this link doesn’t work, copy and paste the full URL below, including the + at the end, into your browser to locate the article:


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