On Saturday, May 15th, I did a presentation and follow-up Q&A session to a joint meeting of several Scleroderma Foundation chapters on a very important, but complex topic – ANA and antibody testing in systemic sclerosis.  While much of this information is on the Scleroderma Education Project website, this presentation contains updated and additional information that we have not published before.  (The information on the website will be updated this summer.)  I was very fortunate in being able to work with several top experts in ANA and antibody testing in preparing this presentation, and as a result, this presentation is up-to-date with the latest research and includes some new information that may not be widely known by most clinicians.

The talk itself is about 35 minutes long and is followed by 30 minutes of Q&A.  There is a link on the YouTube page to a handout version of the talk that includes detailed notes.  Because of the complexity of this topic, you may want to print out and refer to the handout if there are parts of the presentation you find confusing when first listening to it.

Here is a summary of what is covered in the presentation:

  1. ANA Testing – the Basics
  2. Systemic Sclerosis Antibodies
  3. ANA and Antibody Levels
  4. ANA Negative Systemic Sclerosis
  5. The Scl-70 False Positive Problem
  6. ANA Testing and Systemic Sclerosis Diagnosis

I wish to thank Tina Burger, Patient Services Director of the Scleroderma Foundation of Southern California chapter for giving me the opportunity to do this presentation, which I hope will give patients a much better understanding of ANA and antibody testing in systemic sclerosis and how correctly done ANA and antibody testing can help clinicians better diagnosis and treat those of us with this rare disease.

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/0KwOICL2Tl8

Ed Harris
Scleroderma Education Project Ltd