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News Story: “Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Appears to Treat SSc, But Clinical Trial Needed“

Scleroderma News just ran a feature story on our newly published research paper titled “Therapeutic [...]

New Scleroderma Education Project Website Now Live!

After nearly nine months of effort involving an amazing team of volunteers, the brand-new Scleroderma [...]

Therapeutic Plasma Exchange Review Paper Just Published!

We are pleased to announce that a new research paper titled Therapeutic plasma exchange in [...]

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Prevalence and Incidence of Systemic Scleroderma in the US

It is very common to read in articles about systemic scleroderma that there are about 300,000 people in [...]

“Diffuse”? “Limited”? “Overlap”? “Sine”?: Know Your Terms and Your Antibody Type

Background – 25 Years Ago The names used for referring to the scleroderma family of [...]

Yes, You DO Have Internal Organ Involvement, But…

This article was prompted by a post in one of the scleroderma focused Facebook support [...]

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