Scleroderma News: New Guidelines Aim to Advance Plasma Exchange as Scleroderma Therapy

From Scleroderma News (, August 17, 2016: The Scleroderma Education Project ( recently released guidelines for patients and doctors wishing to know more about therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) as a treatment option for limited scleroderma. The guidelines are designed to facilitate data collection to support the launch of a randomized clinical trial, and follow the same setup as a recently published case report describing the successful 22-year repeat treatment of a patient with limited scleroderma. [...]

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Scleroderma News: Alternative Scleroderma Theory Advanced by 22 Years of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange

From Scleroderma News (, July 21, 2016: A case study, describing the successful treatment of a scleroderma patient with repeated therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) for more than 22 years, presents an alternative theory about the beneficial effects of the treatment and the disease itself. The study “Successful long-term (22 Year) treatment of limited scleroderma using therapeutic plasma exchange: Is blood rheology the key?“ recently published in the journal Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, advances the idea that scleroderma is linked to an [...]

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