The leading news source for information on scleroderma research – Scleroderma News ( – has just published an article about the Scleroderma Education Project, including coverage of our recent educational article titled “Yes, You DO Have Internal Organ Damage, But…”.  Scleroderma News has also recognized the Scleroderma Education Project as a “trusted source of information about scleroderma”.  Here is a link to the new story: Scleroderma News Story About the Scleroderma Education Project.

Scleroderma News also recently featured a story from the Scleroderma Education Project about a very long-term (21 year) case report documenting successful treatment of a patient with limited scleroderma using therapeutic plasma exchange: Long-Term TPE Case Report Story.

We wish to thank Scleroderma News for continuing to cover our efforts to advance scleroderma education and research.