About the Scleroderma FAQ

The Scleroderma FAQ is a comprehensive document that covers systemic Scleroderma diagnosis and treatment.  It is written in a language that patients can understand but also includes medical terminology that patients will encounter when working with their physicians.  All information contained in the FAQ is based on current medical research and includes up-to-date information on new diagnostic criteria and treatments for systemic Scleroderma.

The companion document: Guide for New and Future Patients is also available through the main website: www.SclerodermaInfo.org.  Think of the Scleroderma FAQ as the 50-page User Manual that came with your shiny new 65-inch ultra high definition TV.  The Guide for New and Future Patients is the equivalent of the Getting Started Guide that also came with the TV.  The Guide for New Patients contains information that can help patients get diagnosed as quickly and accurately as possible.  It also helps you to be prepared for your doctor visits and also includes information about tests and procedures that are commonly ordered for patients with Scleroderma.

See the Author’s Note at the end of this document for more information on the background and focus of this document.

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