Scleroderma FAQ™

The Scleroderma FAQ is a comprehensive document that covers all aspects of systemic Scleroderma diagnosis and treatment, written in a language that patients can understand.  All of the information contained in the FAQ is based on current medical research and includes up-to-date information on new diagnostic criteria and treatments for systemic Scleroderma.

Guide for New Patients™

In addition to helping you get diagnosed as quickly and accurately as possible, the Guide helps you to be better prepared for your doctor visits. It includes information about tests and procedures that are commonly ordered for patients with Scleroderma. It also includes information that should help your family members better understand what you, as a Scleroderma patient, are going through. en Español!

Additional Articles

This section of the Scleroderma Education Project website contains articles that may be of interest to some Scleroderma patients and their families. Some of these articles are fairly technical and cover topics introduced in the FAQ and the Guide in much more depth, including references to relevant research literature where appropriate. Additional articles will be added in the future.